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jedimasterben wrote:Oh! lol. Just the main lights. They're actually controlled solely via PWM, so I'm not even putting them on a relay at this point. And I had gotten the daylight/actinics mixed up lol. No biggie, when I hook it all up tomorrow I'll just swap the two PWM ports physically. I've actually got four channels, but I keep violet and royal blue one the same time and percentage, and the neutral white and deep red/cyan/cool blue together, so technically I can do with just two channels.

And does this need the Wifi module to function properly, or is the coding built into the library I moved over?

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it very much!

You should be ok without the wifi plugged in even if it's in the code. The last post though I had you remove the line that connects to the portal, so the portal will not be updated, but when you do get the wifi you should still be able to control it remotely and even use the portal, but you won't have history or alerts until you free up more memory or upgrade the controller or remove clouds or sunrise/sunset. A few ways to go...

As far as swapping ports, if you do flip the ports you may want to change the variable names or the settings for which one comes on first :) to reflect the change.

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