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PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:25 am
Has anyone created or can create a quick program to change the PWM values of the dimming module on the fly to check to see what the flicker point of the LED/controller's are? Just the minimum value before the controller light up the LED's is what I'm chasing.

I was thinking of something that would change every 2 seconds or so maybe?
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You can overwrite the channels manually and find the point without a program.,Y

Where x is the id of the channel and y is the value you want. Set to 255 to reset to default.

0 is actinic and 1 is daylight i believe. Higher than that are the ports on the dimming channel

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Can this be done with the 16 channel dimming expansion? If so what would "X" be? Could you do 12-bit (up to 4095)?
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not sure off hand, but you can look at the libraries and find out.
RA_Wifi.cpp is the file that contains all the wifi commands that are available. it's inside the libraries folder.

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