How do you do KalkWasser Mixing?

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I've been told to mix once.
Let it saturate the water and the power falls to the bottom.
Then put your drainage hose just above the sediment so you are only taking in saturated water and no powder.

I've never been able to get it saturated where the water remains clear and the powder falls to the bottom so I just do mix it every so often.

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Doing some research Mix once and let it settle.

Potency of solution is reduced with constant mixing or aeration.

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Mix once (not much) and let it settle for 4+ hours. Impurities in the water (even with RO-DI at 0 ppm) will fall out of solution. This should not be stirred up again and should definitely not be introduced into the tank as it will cause severe pH and alkalinity spikes.

Also, the more the water mixes the more O2 is removed from the water and replaced with CO2. The potency of kalkwasser is decreased as CO2 levels rises and O2 levels drop. Minimal mixing is highly recommended based on the many studies I have read, the kalk dissipates very quickly.

Just like water changes and mixing saltwater, it is recommended to make the water as you need it and begin using it within 24 hours, don't keep batches of fresh water sitting around for days as it will become saturated with CO2.

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