How to set feed mode time?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:21 pm
anderzon_ wrote:Planing to use this code but wonder if its possible to do this twice a day with differnt times? And if it is possible to just slow down the pumps that are controlled by the dimming ports? For example during feeding the pumps just work on 20% for 15 minutes?

Yep, certainly can. Just duplicate the code and change the time it checks for.

As for the pumps being turned down to a different speed (other than 0), that is simple to do. If you are using the DCPump class and have the pumps controlled via the PWM channels, you will just need to add this line to the setup (it probably already exists or something like it):
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// Set pump speed during feeding mode
ReefAngel.DCPump.FeedingSpeed = 20;

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Thank you. I will try this :D

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