Randomizing Wavemakers

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:08 am
Found this piece of code:

ReefAngel.Wavemaker( Port5, 90 );
ReefAngel.Relay.Set( Port6, !ReefAngel.Relay.Status( Port5 ) );

But what I'd rather do is this:

ReefAngel.WavemakerRandom(Port5, 60, 100 );
ReefAngel.Relay.Set (Port6, !ReefAngel.Relay.Status(Port5 ) );

So in other words, I like the concept of randomizing, but would like the other power head working in concert with the other. What I don't want is for the two powerheads to be on the same cycle, both firing at the same time.

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That second bit of code should do it. The second line sets Port6 to the opposite of Port5.

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