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when I run through the wizard setup and go to generate the code it gives me errors class reefangleclass has no member named feeding mode portE and does the same for lights on mode, water change mode, overheat shutoff. I have to go in and delete the code for those and then it will compile. why is it doing this?
#include <ReefAngel_Features.h>
#include <Globals.h>
#include <RA_Wifi.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <OneWire.h>
#include <Time.h>
#include <DS1307RTC.h>
#include <InternalEEPROM.h>
#include <RA_NokiaLCD.h>
#include <RA_ATO.h>
#include <RA_Joystick.h>
#include <LED.h>
#include <RA_TempSensor.h>
#include <Relay.h>
#include <RA_PWM.h>
#include <Timer.h>
#include <Memory.h>
#include <InternalEEPROM.h>
#include <RA_Colors.h>
#include <RA_CustomColors.h>
#include <Salinity.h>
#include <RF.h>
#include <IO.h>
#include <ORP.h>
#include <AI.h>
#include <PH.h>
#include <WaterLevel.h>
#include <Humidity.h>
#include <DCPump.h>
#include <PAR.h>
#include <ReefAngel.h>

////// Place global variable code below here

////// Place global variable code above here

void setup()
    // This must be the first line
    ReefAngel.Init(); //Initialize controller
    ReefAngel.AddStandardMenu(); // Add Standard Menu

    ReefAngel.Use2014Screen(); // Let's use 2014 Screen
    ReefAngel.AddPHExpansion(); // pH Expansion Module
    // Ports toggled in Feeding Mode
    ReefAngel.FeedingModePorts = Port5Bit;
    ReefAngel.FeedingModePortsE[0] = 0;
    // Ports toggled in Water Change Mode
    ReefAngel.WaterChangePorts = Port6Bit;
    ReefAngel.WaterChangePortsE[0] = 0;
    // Ports toggled when Lights On / Off menu entry selected
    ReefAngel.LightsOnPorts = Port1Bit | Port2Bit;
    ReefAngel.LightsOnPortsE[0] = 0;
    // Ports turned off when Overheat temperature exceeded
    ReefAngel.OverheatShutoffPorts = Port1Bit | Port2Bit | Port4Bit;
    ReefAngel.OverheatShutoffPortsE[0] = 0;
    // Use T1 probe as temperature and overheat functions
    ReefAngel.TempProbe = T1_PROBE;
    ReefAngel.OverheatProbe = T1_PROBE;
    // Set the Overheat temperature setting
    InternalMemory.OverheatTemp_write( 800 );

    // Ports that are always on
    ReefAngel.Relay.On( Port5 );
    ReefAngel.Relay.On( Port6 );
    ReefAngel.Relay.On( Port7 );
    ReefAngel.Relay.On( Port8 );

    ////// Place additional initialization code below here

    ////// Place additional initialization code above here

void loop()
    ReefAngel.StandardLights( Port1,9,0,21,0 );
    ReefAngel.StandardLights( Port2,9,15,21,15 );
    ReefAngel.StandardATO( Port3,60 );
    ReefAngel.StandardHeater( Port4,779,780 );
    ////// Place your custom code below here

    ////// Place your custom code above here

    // This should always be the last line

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Because you chose the relay expansion module and never setup any of its ports.

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Ok I thought that was the standard relay. Been awhile since I did the initial setup on one. If I delete the reefangel.feedingmodeportsE part of the code it should work fine correct?

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That works too.

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