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I upgraded and down graded some of my equipment and am selling off a few items I'm not using. My LFS will give me a store credit for these items but figured I'd see if anyone needs them.

I will ship if buyer pays shipping cost.

Iwaki MD-70RLT (japenese model) $200 -Sold
93 Gallon Cube Stand $150
Rapid LED SOLDERLESS 75G TANK DIMMABLE KIT with moonlights **You'll still need a way to dim these lights as I'm still using my reef angel on another tank** (I had these on my 75G, 93 Cube and 120G) $250
3 Jeabo PP8's (used only for 3 months) $35 each -Sold
Reef angel expansion module $20
Reef angel dimming module $50
Reef angel salinity module with probe $80
Reef angel relay box (not pictured) $50
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You got PM about this stuff.

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