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Hey all, just an introduction here. I am JD and live in Georgia. My tank is a 90RR tank with a 40b sump. I have a light bioload.. yellow tang, kohl tang, mated pair of clowns, mated pair of ywg, Flame angel, plus some cuc. I have a Reef Oct skimmer, 2 tlf150's running GFO and carbon, 1 tlf550 filled to the brim with matrix for bio filtration, and a mag24 pushing all the water through the system. The mag24 may seem like overkill, but I do have a manifold branching off it powering the flow through my reactors. My lighting consists of 2 G1 radions and I have a hydor wavemaker for water flow. I look forward to learning from this forum and will talk later.

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welcome to the forum! feel free to ask lots of questions on here and also browse around through all the topics and discussions.

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