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Saw this on one of my other boards and thought it really cool:

This calculator takes the amount of water in your system, your current salinity, the salinity you'd like to achieve, and the maximum change in salinity that you are willing to risk per water change. It returns the number of gallons and salinity of the water for each change.

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Building new 29g Nano after landlord went berserk over my 4 75 gallon tanks, Multiple RA's, Water mixing stations, etc. Your help welcomed in remembering all I've forgotten.

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I have a 29gl FOWLR setup that I a converting to reef setup, 45 p LR, 40 LS, all ppms in range but I have high Cal (459ppm) and my Alk (202ppm). I want to start dosing w/ RA dozer. I have I-bioinc 2 prt system. My Net water = 22.7. When I try to calcualate it says: To calcualte a supplenment, Disired Cal shall be higher than current Cal. and same for Alk?...are my cal and alk okay?...can i begin dosing equal parts @ 6.5 sec. (5ml)?. Please excuse the silliness....I am new to saltwater. Thx

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Just make sure to test before you start dosing and keep testing as you dose.
What you want to do is maintain optimal parameters and not overdose.

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