Unreachable address and Iphone not working

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I did the firmware upgrade and had access for a day. The WiFi began exhibiting the symptoms described above. I disconnected it and let it set for 10 minutes and plugged it back in. Still nothing. I did a restore factory settings, reconnected and set it up again. Works great for a while. Blue light never comes on just the slow blinking green light. So every morning I go get the WiFi attachment, rest it, and set it back up again. I did notice that using the iPhone app can cause me to disconnect if I attempt to turn things off and on.


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Not sure if your issue was the same that I had before, but whenever my router gets rebooted (or power failure, etc.) my router tends to dynamically assign a different IP address to my WiFi attachment. The problem is that I had the port forwarding setup using the specific IP address it was originally assigned.

So, my fix was to manually go into the router settings and change the port forwarding IP for the WiFi and then a simple refresh on the Android app and I was fixed.

It's possible that when you power cycled your WiFi unit the router happened to assign the proper IP address the last time... which fixed the problem. Can't say that's certain because I don't know how you set yours up to work... but it's something to consider looking into if it happens for you again.

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