will the Standard RA be enough for my simple setup

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I am trying to decide on what I want to get and I am leaning towards the Standard Reef angel. I have read that the Wifi Attachment is a memory hog.

reef angel will control on and off for all 8 outlets 2 of witch will control timer for lights. Nothing fancy
I will have auto top off set up.
Will use temp sensor to control heaters.
don't think I will use wave maker;however, might mess around with it.

In the future probably March2013 , I will get a second reef system up and running. I will add an outlet relay and a temp prob to control this system.

The question is how much can a standard RA control. 3 or 4 expansion modules is idea, but I don't foresee myself using that many till probably end of summer. My magic number for a controller is 350 my wife said don't go above that. that is why I ask this question. It most have wifi also per wife's request she wants to play with online app.

Thank you.

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You can use the standard RA for now and upgrade later too.

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