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hi just joined the forum, not yet received my reef angel, just a quick question can I set up a backup heater on may reef angel? I have two aqua medic titanium heaters thanks for your help. :oops:

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Can you elaborate a little more on what you have in mind?

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well set one to run the tank, and to use the other heater as a failsafe, maybe set at a lower temperature than the main heater. you see I have never had a reef controller before, I am currently running heaters with there own thermostats I have just bought my aqua medic heaters to run on the reef angel many thanks.
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I would save your relays and plug both heaters into one relay. Set it as a StandardHeater and program your on and off temp. Then on the heaters you could put one with a temp a bit higher and one a bit lower.
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I do something similar.... Back-up Heater viewtopic.php?t=412

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I always run 2 heaters, if one dies you always have the other one to at least try and keep things warm.
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