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I have been speaking back and forth with Roberto about this. I had my controller previously set up but recently moved and set up a new tank. I have set up the controller, wifi attachment, expansion relay, and all settings on my router. I set Port forwarding and set a static IP for the attachment. Wifi attachment is visible on my router. Port 2000 is open. Portal is able to connect to my controller. Displays temps. I am not able to control any of the relays from the portal. I can select water change or feeding mode and it will turn off each relay that I had set, but I am not able to control each relay individually. I am also not able to get the IOS or android app working as it will not connect.

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Does your "connection status" on the portal say "Ready"?
Did you do any code changes?

Different router than before?
Different internet provider?


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I believe we figured it out. Connection status says Ready. No major code changes other than moved a few relays around. Same provider however using their supplied router/modem. Router does not allow loopback. So while I'm at home I use the internal IP address on the IPhone app and when I'm away, I use the external. This allows me to control the relays. I am still struggling with the portal as it will not allow me to control the relays individually even while using wifi at home and the internal ip address. When I use the internal IP it will not connect. External will connect allowing me to see parameters but will not control relays.

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