RA* + Rope Leak Detector Sensitivity & Function

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So I purchased the RA* and a rope leak detector that plugs into the RA* unit. Upon plugging it in, I noticed some very strange behavior. I have included videos.

- I can submerge a loop of the rope in my aquarium and it may trigger the alarm after 1 minute or more.
- I can also submerge it in my skim container (completely full of overflow water) and it NEVER trips.
- The length along the bottom of my sump can be in a puddle and never trip
- I can take the same loop from my skim cup and dip it in my sump and it will trigger the alarm within 3 seconds lol
- Different parts of the rope seem to show the detection on the RA* more so than others.

I don't get it. I searched for documentation but can't find any way to adjust sensitivity manually OR in the code. From these tests, I could flood my house and it may not ever trip the alarm. I can't find any consistency to my tests other than skimmer overflow is invisible but full tank submersion trips it.

Thank you for looking into this, I know this has been a rocky setup for sure.

Videos in dropbox, I can put them on Youtube if it helps.


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I have made a change on the libraries to allow for sensitivity and changed its default value.
It should be much better now.
Upload your code through the webwizard again.
To change the sensitivity, you can use this:
Code: Select all

Where value is a number from 0 to 1023.
0= less sensitive
1023 = more sensitive
900 = default value

The default value was 400 before and obviously not sensitive enough.
Let me know if this works for you.

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