Vortech mp10ES non wireless Question

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Hi Everyone-

SO I am thinking on picking up a MP10ES non wireless. I have a 57 gallon rimless illuminata tank and could use the flow. Question I have is... since I have no interest in the budget required to get the rf module and the wireless vortech... would you bother putting this on the controller and using it as a wave maker pump or just leave it be and run it on either wave or nutrient transport continuously.... then I could run my other in tank pumps on the wave maker and shut them down with the lights so during the evening the flow would be somewhat less (900 gph would shut off with the MP10 still on).

It seems somehow a waste to throw and MP10 onto a wavemaker on/off cycle with its capabilities so I am thinking I will do this but lots of people here use these and I would like to know what makes sense.


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