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did that relay box get an upgrade too or is it the same cinder block design? that thing was huge last time I had one

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:31 am
Hi guys!

Can you help me setup my new reef Angel star?
I used the manual to set it up but, when I try to upload it. I encounter error uploading 400.


I was able to fix this, the wizard doesn't work on safari. We're able to fix it using chrome

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Just ordered my Star to replace my Plus.

Does the new controller allows me to plug an expansion relay box into it without the old expansion hub?

Was going to buy the hub to convert my old Plus relay box into an expansion but if its only a $70 difference to get an expansion box, I can sell my old Plus unit to cover the difference.

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You would need the old relay expansion hub to connect the an old relay box to the new Star.

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