Using Android Tablet for Dedicated UAPP Interface.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:17 pm
I'm using an android tablet for a permanent interface using the UAPP. I chose the 10" Lenovo Tab4 but most tablets are probably compatible with this setup. Reason I went with this tablet was screen size and a more current android version than most budget tablets.

To make this work the way I wanted I am using an app called "Fully Kiosk Browser". By loading the UAPP inside this program it forces immersion mode which hides the default android status bar at the top, hides the navigation bar at the bottom and, brings the UAPP to fullscreen. The status and navigation bars are temporarily brought back by swiping from their edge.

The app also has some helpful features...
-It adds a screen saver that turns the screen off without hibernating the tablet. This keeps the UAPP connection active longer. I found it stays active around 10 minutes while in screen saver mode.
-It allows you to hibernate the tablet after that 10 minutes and upon waking the tablet, it will refresh the UAPP. Again, this keeps the UAPP connection active so you do not need to manually refresh the page.
-It allows you to use motion detection to wake the tablet. Either from the blank screensaver or from hibernation. Either way, when the screen comes on, the UAPP is refreshed, and ready to go.

I'm still working through the features but plan on mounting the tablet to the wall where it will be convenient to control my system. I'm loving the setup already, it will make monitoring, and controlling the relay boxes while working in my fishroom much easier than using my cell phone.

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Thanks for posting this. Was trying to figure out the best way to do this. Will definitely give this a spin.


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