Can I use RA+ without wifi attachment?

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased used RA+ from a friend of mine and I have been playing with it for a couple hours yesterday night. It is very exciting and fun project but it's kind of confusing. I even crashed WIFI firmware while I was trying to update firmware. It is a bit more complex then APEX but I enjoy programming and putting things together.

When I was playing with controller, I found that i can only do so many thing with controller LCD. On my screen, I can only do feeding, water cahnge, ATO clear, Overheat Clear, Ph Calibration, Date/Time, Version and Exit.

Is there a way to turn on and off relay switches manually? I do have wifi attachment but I would like to control them locally time to time.

My RA+ is about 3 years old. Should I update firmware on all my equipment? Is there an instruction on how to update fw on main board and other equipment? So far, I only see firmware update option on WIFI attachment.

Since I can't use WIFI utility to update firmware, is there away to manually download it and load it to my device?

I have so many questions in my mind but I will start out with these for now.

Thank you guys!

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Update wifi firmware with this:
Firmware on RA gets updated everytime you upload new code to it, so no need to do anything.
You would need to create your own menus to be able to turn relays on/off with the controller menu options:

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