Very odd temperature probe issue

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I went live with my RA today and am working out some kinks. I've been running on the bench for a few weeks so I've gotten pretty familiar. No matter what, my long temperature probe wants to be T2, no matter which port it is plugged into and no matter which probe I plug in first (this just started). I just plugged the long probe into the center port and rebooted... it was T1. I plugged in the short probe into the port left of that (when facing controller) and rebooted. The short probe all of a sudden became T1, and the long probe became T2. When I had them reversed, it was the same thing. The only other oddity is that my Status light isn't on. It has always been on when on the bench and powering from my PC.

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Temp probes have a serial number that is laser inscribed by the manufacturer.
We collect that serial number and they are set as T1, T2 and T3 in the order of the serial number that is provided.
So, regardless of which port, they will always follow what has been assigned to them when the manufacturer baked the chips.

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Ok. When I had setup on the bench, the temperatures were very similar so it faked me into believing T2 was T1. I made the programming change, and all is good. Thanks!

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