Strange Issue with RA*

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:48 am
Last night my RA* led was blinking red and green which normally means a buslock occurred but when I try to reset the RA the blinking didn't stop. Unplugging the RA and plugging it back in didn't reset it. It was a slow blink followed by two faster blinks. Unplugging all the modules didn't solve the issue either. The LCD screen didn't wake upon touching and I couldn't connect to the unit remotely so I didn't know if there was a buslock. Issued a reboot command over uApp but no response. No alarms were sent to email notifying me of a buslock. Last resort I connected to the RA* over usb and reloaded the last firmware used through the web wizard and that finally rebooted the RA. Scary moment there. Any other way to hard reboot the unit in this case or maybe the firmware became corrupt?


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I need to investigate this issue because I also did have the exact same issue as you had and it was at the same time too.
I had to upload the firmware again to bring it back to life.
I suspect it was the remote upload that was triggered somehow when I had to reboot the server yesterday and it downloaded something that wasn't supposed to do.

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