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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:45 pm
Hi everybody,
i have a nice DIY bundle for sale, includes:
-Reef Angel Plus PMW controller with Power Bar, Temp Probe and float switch(plus all necessary wires)
was installed in dry cabinet, no salt creep, no water damage, excellent condition.

-5 Mean Well ELN 60-48P Led drivers
-MakersLED designer heatsink 24" with two Stealth fans

-around 50 3Watt LEDs
most of them are CREE XT-E(Royal Blue, Cool White, Warm White),
Few Exotic cool Blue-475nm, Exotic Hyper Violet-430nm, Exotic True Violet- 410nm
4 Ocean Coral White LED pucks plus
4 low power Royal Blue moon light LEDs with their own driver.

Most of the LEDs have optics on them, 60 and 80 degrees (removable)

$280 shipped!!!

Used this lights for about 2.5 years, works great, great diy project for somebody

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