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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:12 am
I'm running my star (finally) and I'm having some issues with it. I've chosen to upload code manually using my computer and arduino (not webwizard). I can upload just fine. However, I've been having issues that the Star attempts to download firmware remotely and it fails. The odd thing is that I haven't tried to do the remote uploading and haven't used it forever. I used the webwizard initially to get the proper includes for the sketches but that's it.

the failed download doesn't app to affect anything but replaces the date and time on the display. it just appears to be a visual annoyance more than anything.

What should I look at or where should I look to figure out what's going on?
I'm also running a relatively new version of the libraries from the git repository. The git code that I'm running is with the hash: 4781cde (which appears to be the latest version as of the time of this post).

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