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I had a couple thoughts that might help the portal.

Please take these as suggestions. I love the portal and am absolutely happy with it's functionality. I just thought we could clean up a couple small things, if possible.

1. Is it possible to make the water level chart available in the portal? Ideally we could see it when we click on the water level in the dash board, but if not, I don't see it in the web charts either.

2. Hover over charts. Not sure how viable this is, but hovering your mouse over something like pH, water level, or a port and having a 1 day chart pop up would be amazing!

3. Remove unused items. Is there a way for the portal to see that you are not reporting from an attachment and remove that piece? Example: I don't have the humidity expansion or ATO ports anymore. And I don't need to see 5 water levels, my 1 will do.

Thanks in all that you've provided thus far and all of the future improvements I'm sure are coming!

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