DC pump question?

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Not sure my pump is running right.

1. In the portal dash board, if my dc pump mode is set to else (as an example), speed is set to 80 (still not sure what to set it to as modes dictate speed...i think?), and my PWM channel says 30%, what speed should i expect the pump to be running at...30% or 80%?

2. If i declare my PWM channels to "NONE", "SYNC'' or "ANTISYNC" how should they respond? and what are the differences?

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For Else mode, speed is the midpoint and duration is the range. So if speed is 70 and duration is 30, Else will generate random flows between 40 and 100 (70 +/- 30).

With other modes, it depends on the mode. Ones like sine and gyre I believe the speed is the top speed and duration is the time over which the wave runs its course. The bottom speed is dictated by the DCPump threshold value (default 30).

The value you see on your PWM channel depends on the mode and the specific point in the wave. Remember, the Portal isn't real time. It updates every few minutes. If you want to see real time values, you'd need to look at the LCD screen on your head unit.

None is no pump attached. Sync and Anti-Sync generally run opposite of each other. That is, if the speed of the sync pump goes up, then anti-sync goes down, and vice versa. One exception is Gyre, where when sync is running, anti-sync is off and vice versa. Sync and Anti-Sync are meant to compliment each other vs having them blow at the same speed at the same time.


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