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Recently upgraded my home network replacing Asus router and Cisco switches with Unifi security gateway pro 4 and switch. In general everything is more or less working fine with the exception of my reefangle wifi unit and portal. Is anyone here using Unifi at home - more important - the security gateway pro 4 and have their Wifi attachment working consistently?

I've logged into the controller and forwarded the ports but still no luck. I logged into the gateway, checked to see if it received any traffic, no luck. I then went outside the network and tried my WAN ip and port 2000, saw traffic and routing but still no connection. Then later in the evening both the desktop client and portal worked. This morning, it doesn't.

Oddly enough I'm seeing a similar issue with Plex. Again, I can hit the WAN ip/port and get through to the app no problem. However, clients show no remote access is working. UPnP is not really configurable via the controller / UI which is sort of stupid but they have a work around I've not tried yet. I don't like UPnP has much because if a potential virus opening a port, etc.

Anyway figured I'd ask here if anyone has any tricks. I'll keep digging.
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i have unifi access points but not the gateway pro 4. so unfortunately i cannot be much help then.
it sounds like you have some strange stuff going on with it partially working or intermittently working.

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