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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:18 pm
My Angel has been working great for years now - I like to check the logs in the Portal from time to time and noticed first that I wasn't getting connected yesterday - seems my provider changed my external IP so I needed to update the app and Portal IP addresses to get connected back up. I didn't check the logs after as I only needed to use the portal to turn on a light - it worked as expected but should've checked the graphs/logs.

Today I needed to turn on that same light and while doing that thought I'd peek at the logs - no data and no graphs...

I assume because I can live control my Angel thru the portal that we communicating as we should - what gives?

I checked my port forwarding in my WIFI - still set correctly, and supported by the ability to use portal or app to turn on lights and see same temp results in both and the display. Gonna go check my profile settings just to make sure they are right too, but because the light switches are working I assume I may find no issues there.

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I also see my banner is blank too. Thanks in advance, I know we'll get some good responses.

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You need to update the firmware of the wifi attachment.

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