Changing Wifi address?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:22 pm
After I upgraded the firmware on my wifi adapter it has always reconnected on its own each time I lost connectyion.

With the new firmware when ever I unplug the router and plug it back the wifi adapter always reconnect without any intervention. I also use the DHCP reservation with the wifi mac address.

Maybe before your internet provider was not changing your IP address, and this could be why you did not have any problem? If your Internet IP does not change and nothing change, your router do not have to reassign IP. This is only a wild guess.

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You can use the wifi config utility to check if there is a firmware update.. You can also you terraterm to connect to the wifi module and check what firmware its running..

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Apparently, I'm good for about 4 days at a time. The android app is timing out and the portal is showing "unreachable address."

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