Wifi will not connect after firmware update

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:42 am
Is this supposed to be a one-time fix? I've done this several times now and each time, the WiFi works for a few weeks and then stop working until I run the macro again, rinse & repeat. Thanks, MB

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Getting only flashing Green > Blue > Green > Blue > Blue > Green.... Is there a limitation on what the password can contain?

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blue means it is not connected to your wifi network.
Did you try moving closer?
Was there any change in the router?
What security do you have in your router? Try WPA2-PSK.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:31 pm
Having problem with this. Cant get the wifi to work. This is my file i have used in teraterm:

while x<>121

messagebox 'Start WiFly module configuration' 'Webscan Config Program'

;this macro all sent with 5 msec character delay
send '$$$'
wait 'CMD'
sendln 'factory RESET'
wait 'Set Factory Defaults'

sendln 'reboot'
wait '*READY*'

; Begin user settings

send '$$$'
wait 'CMD'
sendln 'set ftp address'
sendln 'save'
wait 'config'
sendln 'set wlan ssid Asus'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set wlan pass "my router pass"'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set option deviceid ReefAngelWifi'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set w j 1'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set c c 0'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set c r 0'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set c o 0'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set i d 1'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set c i 3'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set dns name www.reefangel.com'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set i h'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set i r 80'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set i f 0x06'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set s t 0x10'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set u m 2'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set i p 2'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set u b 57600'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set s p 0'
wait 'AOK'
sendln 'set c s 1420'
wait 'AOK'

sendln 'save'
wait 'config'

sendln 'save user'
wait 'user'


;inputbox 'Configure another module (y/n)' 'WiFly Config Program'

; convert inputstr to ASCII int value
; str2code x inputstr


When i load the macro it say Webscan Config Program, and then its couting up to 65 or something, then the same Webscan Config Program comes again and again. Never a message thats its done and ok. Whats should i do to fix it?

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