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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:19 am
Just came home from work and I heard my dosing pump running 4 hours after it should have been. It dumped 2 weeks worth of 2 part calcium. I took a quick test and got 670 any thoughts would be appreciated thanks

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On the siphon back issue. If you turn the cartridge 90 degrees so it faces forward instead of left or right it might help. On the over dose do a normal water change, then let it sit and it will drop naturally.
Can you post your code?

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Well I replaced the small tube but it still won't pull the fluid from the container without assistance, and it still drained back once I get it pulled through.

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sounds like the dosing pump head is mis-aligned. if the rollers are not completely compressing tube against wall, they will allow air in or out. who makes your dosing pump?

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