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PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 1:58 pm
Do the orange fittings that hold the tubing need to be cemented into the pvc adapter? I know they are snug but am worried about them being airtight. I'm not sure what they are made of so I don't want to use pvc cement and then be sorry.

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Yes, they are PVC and should be cemented to the PVC coupler.

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They definitely need to be cemented. I actually thought mine was defective when I first got it and it ended up being not-entirely-cemented somewhere.

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Thanks guys! I got the two I'm starting with cemented and then added silicone around where the cap meets the coupler and where the tubing enters the cap. Before adding the silicone, I did a redneck pressure test by blowing into and sucking the open end of the PVC pipe, while covering the tubing with my finger. I never heard any air, and never felt a pressure loss in either of the two I put together. I added the silicone for additional insurance. My silicone job isn't pretty and honestly, between the silicone and the blue cement I used, my pressure switches look Grade A redneck engineered. However, all I care about is them working.

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