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Yes, pH readings without a probe will just float and it will eventually start picking up noise and will either go up or down on it's own.
Do you get correct pH readings when probe is in your sump?
If you had stray voltage, your pH readings would be very wrong when the probe is in your tank.

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Current ph reading of 7.97 in tank with ground probe plugged in.

With ground probe unplugged I have ~40v in my tank, and ph climbs to 8.02. I unplug the bnc on the Ph probe, and volts drop to 26v in tank. Ph probe by itself in a cup of tank water measures 45v and ph of 8.02.

Now, when the ground probe is plugged in, tank voltage drops to .006v, but Ph drops by about .05, back down to 7.97.

This a probe that has been calibrated in a solution packet that is not grounded, so I would assume that the 45v were coming through there as well, so I am not real confident in the calibration settings.

Combine these issues with the 10.5 max reading on saturated Kalk solution that should be over 12, and you can understand why I am getting frustrated.


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