Using ORP module - stuck at 550 mv

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:18 am

I calibrated my ORP module according to the manual.

I used the BNC Terminator and the 470mv buffer (purchased locally).

After calibration, I rinsed the probe at RO water and put it back to the 470mv buffer... just to be sure. The ORP measurement was very very very close to 470mv - as expected.

But from the second I put it on the aquarium water, it raises and get stuck to 550mv (maximun reading value?). I did it two nights ago and it still remains that way.

Is that normal? The manual states that "ORP probes require to break-in in order to start reading accurately.It usually takes about 2 weeks and any control using ORP readings is not recommended". Is that the case? Because if my water is near to 550mv as showed, I have to stop injecting ozone right away!! :?

I've got a amazonic aquarium, fresh water, PH6.5.. was wondering if the attachment was designed for salt aquarim only...

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Yeah. It takes a while.

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