raspberrypi expansion module

Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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If i get hard wire internet, put my in, I hate the wifi module.

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symon_say wrote:If i get hard wire internet, put my in, I hate the wifi module.

I'll second that!!
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I am interested to hear more about mixing ra and pi as I have been playing with programming both.

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You could connect both UART ports together and use a java app on PI as a ethernet packet relay.
Technically, you could even run a remote shell to run avrdude and upload codes remotely.

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Looking forward for this to be in stores! :)
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has anybody made any progresson this? i ask because i own 2 pi's now and a usb wifi module for the pi. of course i have all of my extra ra equipment for testing as well. if anybody has anything coded up, please let me know so i can start helping out on it. who knows, maybe i can get what we want done for some remote programming or data logging or something.

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I did eventually get a Pi, but my unit proved to be flaky. It would only run for 10 minutes regardless of the power supply I used. I am just waiting to get another.

I started on a Python program running on a laptop over a FTDI breakout to the RA. I got it to the point where it could update the portal and was working on getting it handling requests from the portal when I got busy with work. Hopefully I will get back to it in the future and have something for when I finally get a working Pi.


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I have been thinking about this more and begun to wonder about another approach to it, instead of having a PI talk to the RA head unit, could a PI replace the head unit entirely?

Is there any reason why one could not connect a RA expansion hub directly to a PI and then connect various RA Expansion Modules to the hub?

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You can do that too :)

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rimai wrote:Cool.
So basically, the first thing we need is to have some sort of java or any other application that would read UART and send it straight to the portal server. This would take care of sending data to server.
This is the easy part.
The more complex part would be incoming data. When someone connects to PI, we need the webserver to relay messages to RA over UART too.
So, let's say PI webserver is using and port 2000 and you browse http://www. What PI needs to do is send GET / to RA via UART, read the response from RA and relay the reply to the browser.
Do you think you would be able to get this part done?

Would the easiest way to push the querystring to RA or instead create a Serial library that can read/write data in a simpler format?

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