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Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:45 am
i have my ReefAngel sitting in it's box for almost 2 years since i bought it , i'm going to restart slowly now .
One question:
I have a solar tube lighting my tank , so light supplement need is different for different seasons .Can i set up LEDs to a sunrise-sunset cycle , starting at different times for different seasons in year ?
For example , i would set up "sunrise" at noon for October-March , at 16.00 for April-Sept .

Sorry if this has been answered , couldn't find it in the forum
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There is a class you can use to have your rise/set time based on GPS coordinates that you set. This would simulate what you are looking for. The links are in the 2nd post I believe of my INO thread in my signature below.

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If it is always the same noon for October-March , at 16.00 for April-Sept, you can easily use a simpler approach too.
Something like this:
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if (month()>=4 && month()<=9)
ReefAngel.StandardLights(Port3,16,0, 23,0);
ReefAngel.StandardLights(Port3,12,0, 23,0);

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