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Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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I am very interested in purchasing a Reef Angel controller for my system. I am not sure what equipment I will need, I have a 210 gallon mixed reef with 2 WP40's ( how much control will I have with these connected to my RA?) I have an ATO already but can use the RA if it is more efficient. I also have a chiller on line and would like both the pump and the chiller controlled by the RA temp probes so that it will not run constantly as it does now. I am also running a skimmer, fan (not DC), 2 dosing pumps and a return pump. I have an Aquatic Life t5 fixture currently but will be upgrading to LED's sometime this coming year probably to Rapid LED's. I don't think the Ra has the capability to control the T5 fixture as it does not have dimmable drivers.
I guess my question is what RA will I need to purchase and what add-ons will I need beside the WIFI module and the Jebao cables, any thing else?
I know nothing about Arduino program except what little I have read doing research for this buy. I would really like to educate my self and learn to write some code at some point. Where would be a good place to start? which books or websites would be the most beneficial. I do have an understanding of basic electronics if that helps.
thank you
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Soubds like you'll be fine with the RA+ and the wifi module and jaebo cables. You might want an extra relay expansion depending on how many outlets you need and a dimming expansion for your future LEDs. I also recommend the water level sensor as its more accurate than float switches but you can always add that on later.

The wifi doesnt count as an expansion so once you need more than one expansion you'll need the expansion hub.

Dont worry so much about the programming. The wizard will take care of everything. It sounds like everything you need is built-in so should be very easy to get you started.

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thank you very much will be ordering in the next couple of weeks

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