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Can someone please direct me to some good Jebao code? I am wondering what level of control is capable with the WP pumps.

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OK, so the 2nd link you posted is actually the original post where the code is given to define all the various programmable functions of the Jebao like long pluse, short pulse, sine, reefcrest, nutrient transport, tidal swell, and tide.

And the 1st link is the more current thread where Roberto now states that all the wave pattern functions are now included in the library so we don't have to put all that code from the 2nd link into our RA user code???

If I'm understanding all that correctly, then I go back to the 1st link and use this code. In this example the 60 defines the % power of the pump and the 20 defines +/- variation allowing the pump to run anywhere from 40 to 80%? What is the standard code for the other various modes?

////// Place your custom code below here

ReefAngel.PWM.SetDaylight( ReefCrestMode(60,20,true) ); // ReefCrest at 60% +/- 20% on sync mode
ReefAngel.PWM.SetActinic( ReefCrestMode(60,20,false) ); // ReefCrest at 60% +/- 20% on anti-sync mode

////// Place your custom code above here

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