Old ethernet module obsolete. Ideas on replacement?

Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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Hello people. Long time no ask questions, which I guess is good, because my RA has been working like a champ! Until last night ;) Lots of thunderstorms last night, and it appears that my ethernet module got toasted. No idea how my RA didnt as well, because my internet connection is 3g, so no phone line to conduct electricity. So it must have come through the power, or its just a total coincidence that my ethernet module decided to crap out.

Anyway, I had a hard enough time finding an actual module last time (thats not a shield) and its been discontinued. So now i'm looking for a replacement and wondering if any of you people who keep up to speed with arduino development, know of a suitable replacement module I can use?


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Hmm, weird. Just plugged it in after trying to reprogram it, and now its picking up a dhcp lease, even though it used to be assigned a static ip for the last 1.5 years through the ino file. Very odd, but at least its working. Still keen to hear if anyone knows what would be a suitable replacement as I'm not trusting this thing now.

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Oldish thread but for those who find it...
The board has been retired and is out of production true, but it is still available as of December 2015. I found it at Sparkfun, on Amazon, and even on eBay - after sifting through all the Wiznet W5100 modules. Haven't been around the forum since last year, but I know some folk were managing to make the $2 Wiznet boards work. I lucked out and picked my Arduino Ethernet (POE version) at local MicroCenter open box for $20 last February. Going price seems to be $60-$75, so the wireless attachment isn't really that much more. One note, if you get the POE version, buy a power injector and power it that way. Powering via the TTL connector is very flaky if you have the POE board. Mine would die about one a week until I switched to the power injector.

I'm old fashioned and *LIKE* my wires for better reliability. Besides with so many things around the house going wireless, the spectrum is getting mighty crowded, and putting as much on wires as possible just makes sense. I mean I see my neighbors light bulbs, chromecasts, etc. for goodness sake! Of course I just added a half dozen ESP2866 based remote sensors to the airwaves, so I can't criticize too much. That ESP2866 is one awesome little board.

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Looking to go this route myself. the Wifi just isn't working out for me. Is this the type of ethernet module you used?

http://www.amazon.com/SunFounder-ENC28J ... net+module

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Any update on this? I would really like to go ethernet.

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