Inductive and wireless (RANet) sensors/probes

Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:26 am
I read up a bit on RANet and definitely think there is some great potential there. Upgrading the Reef Angel for the sake of making look more modern and shinny would be counter productive I doubt many care about the actual screen when most are using their smartphone or PC over the portal to control.

The only thing that bugs me (and all controllers are built that way) are the numerous wires dangling down the sump.

Would inductive charging be an option to eliminate all those wires ? I'm thinking something along the lines of the "Fishbit" project + RANet for communication. A single magnetic pad connected to a power source on one side of the sump and modified sensors on the others side, in sump, hanging from it (pH, orp, salinity, temp, float switch). I'm assuming (maybe falsely) that modifying these probes so they get their minimal power input and can transmit their signal wireless would be a doable affaire ?

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