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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:22 am
Would it be possible to have a web camera connected to the RA so you could access it via the web from anywhere. An expansion box that allows you to connect any usb based webcam to the RA would be cool, so when you go on holidays you can check in and see how your tanks doing.

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I have one of those dlink wireless cams that has internal webserver and doesn't need to be connected to a host device, like a PC.
It works good for me, except I have it sitting in the side table and it is kind of far from the tank.
I'm yet to find a good camera that I could mount on the side of the tank.
It would need to be something small with probably a wide angle lens or you won't see much.
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I just returned from a trip to India and I used a small webcam and this app, http://www.eyespyfx.com/broadcast.php to watch my tank while I was away. It was really great to be able to monitor the tank with the iphone app or the portal and also be able to take a look at the tank to make sure things looked OK. It was the first time in a long while that I felt confident the tank would be in good shape when I got back. :D

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Very cool!!

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Nice :)

Problem for me is my tank is a long way from my computer and I cant be bothered trying to get a loooong usb cable to run my webcam on. I just thought it would be cool to be able to run a webcam on the RA and utilise it's wifi link to the portal.

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I use an "old" mobilephone (HTC incredeble..) whitout sim-card, just conected with wifi to my home network.
I find a android app cald "ip cam" so i use the cam in the phone, thats attatched to the side of my tank.
When i logg in to the RA portal, a find my latest IP-number, just change the last number to :8080/videofeed and a get a perfekt video from my tank!

This works perfekt as long as my RA wifi works.. Not to often, untill we find out why the wifi periodly drop :(

// Danne - Sweden
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We need a setting in the portal with the webcam address so that the video/image can put right into the portal page :)

My brother does IOS programming, I was gonna have him look into adding that into the iPhone app :)
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Sounds interesting, i have cameras and a ptz at the house. Wonder if i could connect it too..

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anyone able to help me figure out why I can view my IP cam while using my home network, but not anywhere else? I have port forwarding setup and a no-ip setup... but still I can only see if when I am within the network.

Nevermind, I figured it out! Cox blocks port 80... no wonder it never worked.

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I use an Internet base cam call DLink $60.00. It works pretty good, 3 zoom levels, mic, nite vision-ish for dark room monitoring, wireless or Ethernet connect. When I travel I view my tank from my iPhone / iPad. It gives me a piece of mind. Thinking about mounting one inside the sump cabinet.

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