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Related to the development libraries, released by Curt Binder

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v.1.1.2 - 01/04/2016
Changed StandardHeater to accept TempProbe as argument
Added anonymous access to wifi /sa command
Fixed comparison for RF update
PWM override of Lights on should not happen when using DC Pump class
Added RANet Trigger to payload - contribution from cosmith71
Added LastFeedingMode and LastWaterChangeMode
Moved Custom Labels to PROGMEM
Shifted PWM override IDs around. They were in the wrong order.
Fixed internal memory writing when doing PHExp calibration
Fixed incorrect displaying of DC Pump Mode Custom
Added CORS capability
Added PWMSmoothRampHighestRes - contribution from joshlawless
Changed internal server to uapp

v.1.1.1 - 12/11/2014
Some RANet Fixes
PH Expansion average fix
DDNS Implementation
HTTP Basic Authentication added
KalkDoser functions added
Inclusion of SunLocation, Moon, and Tide classes
SunLocation now will apply any changes to ActinicOffset in memory immediately
New Class TimedPort with built in timers, stop/start runtimes, OSC function
Implementation of Feeding/WaterChange Speeds for RF module
PAR Expansion Module support added
WiFiAlert class added
Functions for CO2 and PH Control for relays using phExpansion

WaterLevel Module Changes
MultiChannel WaterLevel support added
WaterLevel will no longer wrap below 0%

DCPump Changes -
LowATOChannel support to go with HighATOChannel support that was always there.
16Channel PWM support
New modes added to DCPump and in Globals - Else, Gyre, and Sine modes
If you have Else or Sine in your INO file they should be removed as they are now
included in the Libraries and are valid DCPump modes.
Example: DCPump.Mode = Else;
Threshold to limit speed at 30% cutoff. Can be set in Memory or in INO
Example: DCPump.Threshold = 30;
Gyre mode is similar to Long Pulse, except instead of the pump turning on and off at the full speed
it uses a Sine profile to ramp up to the full speed and ramp back down, alternating between sync
and anti-sync. By default the running pump goes from the DCPump threshold to full and back down.
AntiSyncOffset - Set an offset to increase/decrease the secondary pump
Feeding and WaterChange speed default changed to 255 (Disabled if >100)

PWM Changes
16Channel Module support added
Offset expanded to include Pre/Post Offsets
HighRes functions added for up to 12bit resolution or 4095 levels.
Dimming ports on the relay box and the old-style 6 channel PWM expansion use 8bit dimming or 255 levels.
Higher Resolution PWM functions used internally for the PWM functions like PWMSlope, PWMParabola, etc.
New PWM curves added
PWMSmoothRamp (slope with smooth transitions)
PWMSigmoid (Bell-curve, parabola with smooth transitions)

16Channel Usage Notes:

- To activate 16 Channel dimming module add the line "ReefAngel.Add16ChPWM();" to your INO file somewhere.
- The 16 channel dimmer channels can be used as DCPump channels
Example: DCPump.SIXTEENChExpansionChannel[0]=sync
- To run slope, parabola, smoothramp, or Sigmoid light profiles you can address them as
Example: ReefAngel.PWM.SIXTEENChannelPWMSlope();
- To set the channel values directly in your INO file using a profile you have written or using one of the
profiles in Globals you can do it as:
Example: ReefAngel.PWM.Set16Channel(channel,percent);

Higher Resolution Usage Notes:

- To set the channel value if you want to make sure that you are using all 4095 levels of dimming you can use
the "HighRes" and Raw versions in Globals and in PWM, respectively.
Example: ReefAngel.PWM.contribution(0,PWMSigmoidHighRes(startHour,startMinute,endHour,endMinute,startPWM,endPWM,0))
- Note that the 16 channel dimmer and newer versions of the 6 channel dimmer support 12 bits (4095), other dimmers
support 8 bits (255). Values used to be set internally based upon percents, which was 100 levels of dimming. The
difference won't be noticeable except at very dim levels.
- If you are using the GetChannelValue(), GetDaylightValue() type functions in your INO file they will still
return percentages, not raw values.
- If you want the raw value being sent to the PWM you can use GetChannelValueRaw() to get the raw bit value being
sent to the PWM chipset.

v.1.1.0 - 10/29/2013
Added Chipset PCF8574T to IOClass
Added Multi-Channel Water Level Expansion Module
Fixed PWM override when it was set to 100%
Added pull-up to TX/RX lines
Added missing tags to Portal (PWMAO,PWMDO,PWMEO)
Added /boot wifi command to force remote reboot
Added /cvar wifi commands to update custom variables remotely
Added Flags AlertFlags and StatusFlags and deprecated old Flags
Screen drawing optimization
Added a new main screen
Refactored RA_Wifi (contribution from brunnels)
Added code for future hardware development
Removed deprecated code

v.1.0.9 - 06/17/2013
Fixed /mb bug

v.1.0.8 - 06/17/2013
Added custom memory variables options to /mr (contribution of lnevo)
Added mask status functions (contribution of lnevo):
* isMaskOn()
* isMaskOff()
Added Humidity expansion
Added DC Pump attachment
Added Rope Leak Detector expansion
Added define for Radion integration
Removed constrains from LongPulseMode and ShortPulseMode
Added Flag XML tag with the following bits:
* 0-ATOTimeOutFlag
* 1-OverheatFlag
* 2-BusLockFlag
* 3-LightsOnFlag
* 4-LeakFlag
Added EM1 XML tag with the following bits:
* 0-HUMbit
* 1-DCPumpbit
Added /po command for wifi dimming override. Check viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1541 for more info

v.1.0.7 - 05/09/2013
Improved StandardLights()
Improved PWMSlope()
Improved PWMParabola()
Fixed intlength()

v.1.0.6 - 05/08/2013
Added code for gen3 screens
Fixed Mem_I_DP3RepeatInterval typo
New memory location created to store screen id
Changed bitmask for all commands (Feeding, WC, Lights, Overheat) to apply/restore only the specified bits
Added software logic to reverse ATO status
* ReverseATOLow()
* ReverseATOHigh()
Added override lock to ports
* byte OverridePorts
* byte OverridePortsE[]
Added DrawSingleMonitorAlarm function
* DrawSingleMonitorAlarm(int Temp, byte fcolor, byte x, byte y, byte decimal, int high, int low, byte warn_color);
* Fixed writing and reading negative numbers to internal memory when using wifi

v.1.0.5 - 04/28/2013
Fixed bug that was preventing codes to be compiled with no wifi

v.1.0.4 - 04/27/2013
Added Override functions:
* PWM.SetActinicOverride(byte value)
* PWM.SetDaylightOverride(byte value)
* PWM.SetChannelOverride(byte Channel, byte Value)
* AI.SetChannelOverride(byte Channel, byte Value)
* RF.SetChannelOverride(byte Channel, byte Value)
Added Lights On/Off functions:
* LightsOn()
* LightsOff()
Added Wifi commands for Lights On/Off:
* /l1 -> LightsOn
* /l0 -> LightsOff
Added restriction for /bp wifi command to only work on feeding or wc mode to avoid menu calling.
Added forum username to XML data
Fixed MoonPhase()
Fixed exceed bits from being written repeatedly to EEPROM memory
Changed memory location of exceed flags
Added internal memory to WaterLevelATO() function and overload function
* WaterLevelATO(byte Relay)
Added Salinity compensation
* Salinity.SetCompensation(double value)
Added Wave patterns
* ShortPulseMode(byte PulseMinSpeed, byte PulseMaxSpeed, int PulseDuration, boolean PulseSync)
* LongPulseMode(byte PulseMinSpeed, byte PulseMaxSpeed, int PulseDuration, boolean PulseSync)
* SineMode(byte PulseMinSpeed, byte PulseMaxSpeed, int PulseDuration, boolean PulseSync)
* ReefCrestMode(byte WaveSpeed, byte WaveOffset, boolean PulseSync)
* NutrientTransportMode(byte PulseMinSpeed, byte PulseMaxSpeed, int PulseDuration, boolean PulseSync)
* TidalSwellMode(byte WaveMaxSpeed, boolean PulseSync)
* TideMode(byte WaveSpeed, byte minOffset, byte maxOffset)
Fixed WaterLevelATO() with its own ATO class
Added 3rd dosing pump function
* DosingPumpRepeat3(byte Relay)
Moved overheat check to its own function and added a 3 seconds timer to filter out false readings
* OverheatCheck()
Updated PWMParabola and PWMSlope to work with overnight schedule
Added variable to hold water level
Added I2C Bus Check
* AddBusCheck()
Fix data stream to Radion
Add const declaration to keep avr-gcc happy on pi wheezy
pingSerial relocation (no need to keep calling pingSerial anymore. You are safe to remove them from CustomDrawMain)

v.1.0.3 - 01/10/2013
Increased water level constraint to 200% instead of 100%
Added horizontal circle outlet box
Added On/Off functions for RF module
Added WaterLevelATO() function
Removed software reset on Nokia LCD
I2C bug fix

v1.0.2 - 10/11/2012
Removed unused code
Typo correction
Fixed Relay.Status to work with expansion module - Credit to Dedvalson
Added pH calibration choices (any choice from pH4 to pH10) - ReefAngel.UseFlexiblePhCalibration() - Credit to phrusher
Added date/time format for 24hrs - ReefAngel.Display24h() - Credit to phrusher
Change Portal data submit page to submitp.aspx
Fixed the RF waveform for parabola functions
Changed Radion.Write to 3 second refresh
Re-enabled Custom Color - ReefAngel.AddCustomsColors()
Fix bug with DosingPumpRepeat

v1.0.1 - 07/20/2012 ... ate=closed
Fixed MoonPhaseLabel
Fixed /mr wifi command
Fixed pH Expansion interpolation

v1.0.0 - 07/01/2012 ... ate=closed

Bug fixes:
GET /r1 turning port on
Invalid range of temperature on setup screen
wifi command /mr is not returning int values from memory
Rework of internal memory table
Change DrawCalibrate to add leading spaces to erase long numbers

Add code for PH expansion module
Add code for Water Level expansion module
Add calibration menus for PH expansion and Water Level expansion - by binder
Add common features to RA+ boards automatically (wifi and date/time setup)
Add MoonPhaseLabel()

Code reduction
Modified pH calibration to be a bit more flexible - by phrusher
Add smoothing of data for Sal, ORP, PHExp and WL

Changelog - 0.9.X - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=903

Changelog - 8.5.X - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=448

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v.1.0.9 released

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v1.1.0 released

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v1.1.1 released

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v1.1.2 released

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