How to update my library?

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:05 am
I am running 1.0.1

how do I update to the most current library? I am loading in Jebao code and don't think it will work on my old library.


wait - my Arduino says 1.0.1 at the top border of the screen where my sketch name is listed.

however when I click "tools -> Reef angel library version" it says 1.1.0


when I verify my sketch with Jebao code it verifies it as being good to go... so what version am i running?

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The libraries should auto-update.
To see which version you have installed, go to menu Tools->Reef Angel Libraries Version.
The Arduino software has always been 1.0.1, which there is no update available.
If you compiled the code and it verified, you are all set. Upload that code and enjoy :)

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