Web server basic authentication

Related to the development libraries, released by Curt Binder

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/sa has been in our libraries forever...
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Cool did not know that.

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I'm getting periodic 401 Auth errors from Reeftronics. I know Russ uses /sa to get the data, so it shouldn't be throwing this error. I'm trying to find where in the code it checks for Auth and am not locating it. Can you explain a bit where in RA_Wifi it checks to see if you're authenticated and where it might deliver up the 401 error defined in RA_Wifi.h as SERVER_DENY? I can't find any reference anywhere to that one.
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Did you get anywhere with this?
I'm not getting 401 errors, but I am getting emails from Reeftronics saying they were unable to connect to my controller a lot more often then when i didn't have the authentication on.

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