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Related to the development libraries, released by Curt Binder

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In the development version of the code there's a new light profile called "PWMSmoothRamp" that I added that is basically the same as PWMSlope but with round corners. It increases and decreases like a Sine function with a flat part in the middle. Looks like this:


I like it, but it has pretty short tails and round part at the top and increases more quickly than I had in mind. I'm considering proposing one like this:


which would be more like PWMParabola with tails. What does anyone think of how that looks? When specifying "Duration" for that one it would mean the Half-Width-Half-Max, so with a 12 hour photo period, a "Duration" of 3 hours would give you a day that looks like the picture above. A duration of 1.5 hours would increase more quickly and have a large flat part on the top.
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That looks interesting.
As always, the more options the better.

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So I got it in to my fork of the dev branch on github in Globals, and I will probably see if Roberto is interested in a pull of the code to give this one as an option for lights since it's pretty different from the others. ... ghtprofile

Take a look at


I have it on channel 9 of my sixteen channel dimmer just to show it on the portal charts. I did a quicker dim down yesterday night, but a full up/down today with a single peak instead of a plateau. The chart for today, Aug 24, shows a 12 hour photo cycle with lights increasing for 6 and decreasing for 6 with a sigmoid shape which allows for long tails and a rounded top. the sigmoid shape can be made faster if desired and would just result in a plateau on the top in the middle of the photo cycle. The duration argument is half of the width of the slope.

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