Question about SingleATOLow function

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:34 pm

I was using SingleATOLow but my relay was kicking on and off with ripples in my sump.

I looked at the SingleATOLow code and found that it was as follows:

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void ReefAngelClass::SingleATOLow(byte Relay)
   SingleATO(true, Relay, InternalMemory.ATOExtendedTimeout_read(), InternalMemory.ATOHourInterval_read());

OK, so I need the ATOHourInterval to be set. But I can't find anywhere this can be adjusted. It isn't available from the Portal or the mobile app. So I just hardcoded it and used SingleATO directly.

But this made me wonder, why is are the ATOExtendedTimeout and ATOHourInterval in internal memory if there is no way to change them? Am I missing something?


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You can change the timeout in the portal, but I think the interval can only be changed with the android or with direct web request.

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