Is there any type of debug output or message

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Hi - odd question, but is there any way to get debug information or test the code before it is uploaded to the controller?

I've been trying to modify the cloud feature to ramp up my RW4 power heads to full blast when the lightning strikes. However, I'm not seeing anything happen and I've had 2 storms today :) I'm also trying to see if I have my code correct with regards to random power head changes (using some of the examples here on the boards).

Disconnecting my wifi to connect the cable and upload, test, then disconnect and reconnect wifi to see portal patterns is getting old. I'm just wondering if there is an easier way or way to debug/test so I can see the values and logic flow say as if I was coding on my Linux server :) Or, is this just an experience thing or limitation to the arduino system.
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unfortunately there's not anything better than what you are doing. if someone were to create an emulator for the reef angel (based on the arduino), you could test things better but that has not been done

some people have a development environment that let's them step through code being executed, but i do not know what that is.

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Thanks Binder.

I sort of assumed that but wanted to ask just in case. In my particular case I was just getting tired of swapping the WIFI and TTL cable back and forth to upload any code or monitor via the UI. I believe there is a add-on to make that bit easier but I was just being cheap I guess.
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You could also use the custom variables as a way to send yourself debug info. You could also use Serial.println and Serial.print to send data to the serial monitor so you can upload and the monitor the output in serial monitor.

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