New IDE v1.6.8

Related to the development libraries, released by Curt Binder
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 6:17 am
rimai wrote:I don't think you need to run the Restore Preloaded code, right? :)
I never had problem compiling code though.
I'll double check.

Ok, here's a follow up. I've got it able to compile code now. The issue was the SoftwareSerial problem from a while ago. I had to track down the old changes and then locate the problem and comment out lines in the source files.

One problem with macOS is you cannot simply replace those built-in files by replacing them in a folder on the hard drive after installation (like we have done in the past on a windows machine). I have to fix the files and then re-build the entire app because they get added to the entire package and compiled/linked in.

I'm progressing along now....just gotta make sure I have the correct bootloader files for the RAStar and others in order to get it to compile and build properly.
Slow progress, but progress.

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