Triggering notifications from loop?

Related to the development libraries, released by Curt Binder

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:51 pm
Is there a way to proactively update the portal data when an action happens so the portal doesn’t miss relays turning on briefly for dosing?

Or alternatively trigger an email when something turns on? I am not sure if my code is making my auto feeder turn on and I can’t catch it running because it only goes for 5 minutes three times per day when I’m not home. It does work if I do it manually...
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There's some code floating around that's called WifiAlert. I think it's incorporated into the libraries but not certain off hand. I know several people use it. So you can search for that on here or maybe someone else will chime in.

Portal is limited to 5 minutes and cannot be triggered faster IIRC.

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Nice, looks like Lee wrote it. I'd forgotten about that. I am looking at the libraries now.
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As far as tracking sub-5 minute activity. I raised an idea to Roberto... We would need another bitmap to represent each relay bar like we have for MaskOn/MaskOff. If at any point during the 5 minute window a port is turned on, it would flip a bit in that mask would be switched and that would be sent to the portal instead of the current on/off. After the portal trigger is done, you can reset the mask and repeat. That would allow us to see the dosing pumps going on but you'd have no idea the duration, just that it was triggered since the last report.

WiFiAlerts are only SMS / email alerts. We don't get any history or tracking from those. But if you want to know instantly that your WaterLevel high activated instead of waiting up to 5 minutes, then you definitely want that. :)

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