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Hello everyone!

I am new here and trying to adjust my LEDs to get the color combo I want. The problem is the only way I know how to change it is by changing the program, takes way to long!! I dont have the wifi adapter yet but have a spare computer I have attached to it. How do I set up the client for the pwm expansion? Do I need to do it in the code or internal memory (whats the difference?)

when I do internal memory I cant control the channels time individually anymore... is there like an idiots guide to PWM expansion control out there? I would perfer not to put out the $170 bucks to do this when we have the client....

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There are commands you can call through the wifi to override the channels to whatever % you want.

/pox,y - override dimming signal where
x=override id
Valid ids:
2-Dimming expansion channel 0
3-Dimming expansion channel 1
4-Dimming expansion channel 2
5-Dimming expansion channel 3
6-Dimming expansion channel 4
7-Dimming expansion channel 5
8-Aqua Illumination - White Channel
9-Aqua Illumination - Royal Blue Channel
10-Aqua Illumination - Blue Channel
11-Radion - White Channel
12-Radion - Royal Blue Channel
13-Radion - Red Channel
14-Radion - Green Channel
15-Radion - Blue Channel
16-Radion - Intensity Channel

y=value to be overwritten. Values <=100 enables override and values > 100 disables it

This is from this link viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1541


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It would not cost 170 to get the wifi.

The wifi is an attachment not an expansion so you would not need an expansion hub. It plugs into the same port on the RA as the USB-TTL cable.

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