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Hello, I’m doing some information gathering and gauging if I should undertake the Angel Reef as my tank controller. First I don’t have programming in my background and really do not know where to start. I do know where I like to be, so that’s why I’m posting here. I’m really close to buying a Reef Angel, but I would like to bounce a few questions to see if what I’m trying to do has been done or possible.
Here it goes:
I’m getting a ½ hp 3 ph motor to run a barracuda pump that is power/controlled by a VFD ( Micro AC Inverter). This will be use on a closed looped system. I would like to run this at variable flow rates, etc… wave motions (ramp up and down fast) at various intensities, feed mode (slow or no flow), and night mode (slow flow). This VFD has a 0 to 10 VDC input. Would this be possible? Can the Reef Angle be programmed to run all these flow rates at different times?

Any help or suggestion would be awesome. Testing the waters here, but I’m close to taking my drive into this open-source controller.


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The analog dimming port can be set to any intensity at any time, so you can virtually create any wave pattern you have in mind.
Just make sure to get the analog dimming version.
Just as an example of how easy it is to change the flow:
Code: Select all

The line above would put your pump at 75% :)
That's it.

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