Dosing pumps for automated water changes?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:23 pm
I was looking at the dosing pumps on your site. I'd like to use this to make a DIY water change system.

The idea:
Pump #1 is fed from a fresh/clean saltwater mixing container. and feeds into the sump.
Pump #2 is fed from the sump, and feeds into a drainline at the sink.

I'd like to run each pump for 10 seconds (exactly) every few minutes.

I would have a float switch in the saltwater container. if the water level gets too low, the dosing pumps stop changing the water, because it'd be drawing saltwater out of the tank, but not putting new in. After a while, the level would get low ant the ATO would replenish with DI water.. enough of that, and my salinty drops.

My questions:
Is this feasible (there isn't much info I've found on the dosing pumps)
Do both pumps operate at the .75 ml/sec, or is there slight variation (ie, what are the build tolerances for these?)
Is there an existing way to turn on the pump for a very specific amount of time, like 10 seconds? (I can't have one run for 10 seconds, and the other for 15 over a few days time)

I'd like to do a 7-10ml water change every couple of minutes, instad of a 20 gallon all at once. the PH swings and temperature spikes would be much more managable, and (help) allow me to travel for my job a few days at a time.

I'd love to hear feedback if anyone has done this, or attempting to do it.

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They are not intended for this type of use.
You will wear out the motor :(
You can do it with some other types of pump like Cole Palmer or even an aqua lifter.

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